A story of freshness

Meet Alison

 I loved to shop! I really liked attending events with vendors. Every year I would attend the same event and would always look forward to purchasing handmade bar soap and body butter. I could pronounce the ingredients in these products. The only problem was I was not going to buy a year's supply of these wonderful products.


  I always wanted to share these products with my friends but I couldn’t resell someone else's product so I did some research, talked to several people who were in the handmade body product business, and then I decided to make my own products.

  I use natural butter and oils. Unlike many soap makers, I use natural ingredients to color soap, coffee, red palm, and turmeric.


  The advantage of using handmade beauty products:

  • You know exactly what ingredients are being used

  • You do not have to worry about chemicals or synthetic ingredients

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